Your Appearance in Court

The criminal justice system can’t work unless people show up to court. Because of this courts take it really seriously when people don’t show up to court. The general process of a criminal case is that the defendant is given a citation by law enforcement either after a traffic stop or when they’re arrested. That citation includes a few things, it includes the charges for which they are being cited or arrested, which may not be the same charges they face in court, and it also contains the date and time they have to appear in court. This first date can be called the arraignment or an initial appearance and it is basically just a court date to make sure the defendant is going to show up, and to find out how they plead to the charges.

Having your Appearance Waived

While your appearance in court is important to the court, what they really care about is that you are going to resolve the current case. This means that if you hire an attorney there are some scenarios where you may not ever have to go to court. For example if you live out of state and you were cited with a class B misdemeanor or lower than an attorney can usually appear on your behalf and enter a plea agreement by affidavit instead of having you in court in person.

Avoid a Warrant | Call Ogden Criminal Defense

If you fail to realize how important your appearance at court is then you may be facing a bench warrant for your arrest for not taking care of your court case. Instead of possibly being taken to jail on an arrest warrant, call the attorneys at Ogden Criminal Defense and find out how we can help you resolve your case. We have worked with hundreds of clients and we know how to protect your rights and help you resolve your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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