Northern Utah Internet Sex Crimes Attorney

With new technology comes new opportunities for criminal conduct and the internet exception. In fact because of the nature of the internet some crimes like sex crimes are more likely to initiate on the internet because the perpetrators feel they can better hide their identity. Although we all may feel a greater sense of anonymity on the internet its not really a true characterization of reality. While we may be able to hide or identity from other lay people on the internet by not sharing our real names, addresses, or photos of ourselves, in the long run law enforcement has technology to track those committing crimes online and provide the evidence to convict them.

Enticing a Minor Over the Internet | Utah Internet Sex Crime

When most people think of an internet sex crime they most likely think first of child pornography, or sexual exploitation of a minor. While this sex crime does often involve the internet it does not require the use of the internet. However, the charge of Enticing a Minor does require the use of the internet or text messaging. The offenses is loosely defined as using the internet or text messaging to get a minor to engage in sexual activity with you, and its not a defense that the person you were actually communicating with was an adult or law enforcement if you believed that it was a minor.

Ogden Sex Crimes Attorney | Defending against Enticing a Minor Charges

Enticing a minor is a serious crime that could result in a conviction of up to a second degree felony depending on the circumstances. Clearly this is not the type of charge you want to ignore or just skim through without experienced legal defense at your side. Call Ogden Criminal Defense today to find out how we can help you defend yourself and fight against these charges.

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