Ogden Retail Theft Attorney

The five finger discount as its called in popular media is not something just from t.v. shows and movies but it continues to happen in real life and in most cases it continues to be prosecuted as a crime as well in real life. Retail theft, or shoplifting as it is more commonly referred to is a criminal offense under the Utah code. While shoplifting is usually thought of as simply trying to sneak something out of a store the criminal statute is a little more broad than that. There are five main ways a person can commit the crime of retail theft and they are: sneaking something out of the store, changing the price tag, moving goods from one container to another, under ringing the goods, and taking a shopping cart.

Penalties for Retail Theft in Utah

Retail theft, as most theft charges in Utah, is charged based on how much the merchandise stolen is worth. Meaning that the more the dollar value of the goods stolen the higher offense the personal will be facing. For example if you stole something that is worth less than $500 you will be facing a class B misdemeanor, but if you stole something worth more than $5,000 you will be facing a second degree felony.

Getting Legal Help in Northern Utah | Defending Against Retail Theft Charges

Facing criminal charges is a very difficult thing, there is often a lot of fear and uncertainty involved as the defendant faces possible criminal penalties. If you have been charged with a theft crime, such as retail theft, in Ogden, Logan, or any other part of Northern Utah then you need to hire an attorney, and the lawyers at Ogden Criminal Defense are here to help. We will work tirelessly to make sure your rights are defended and you get the best outcome available. For more information call or email us to have your questions answered immediately.

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