Logan Forgery Attorney

Everyone knows what forgery is, in fact for some it starts quite young, like when they need a note from their mother getting them out of class, or saying that their parents saw the F they got on their project.  Obviously the criminal offense of forgery is much more serious than these examples because it involves more than just getting kids out of class and usually involves stealing money. While the gravity of these examples is quite different the action is quite the same, under Utah code forgery is defined as a number of things, giving false information, altering documents, making actions that purport to be the actions of others, and so on.

Penalties for Forgery and Producing False Identification

Forging documents or giving false identification to obtain money, property or goods is a very serious offense. If you are convicted of this crime you could be facing a second or third degree felony. It is a very serious thing to be a felon and involves the loss of voting rights and the right to carry a firearm so its important that you fight as hard as you can against these charges to protect yourself and your future.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney for your Case | Ogden Forgery Crime Defense

If you’ve messed up and have made a mistake or if you actually didn’t even commit the crime at all you’re still facing criminal charges and you still need to protect yourself. The best way of going about protecting your rights is hiring a criminal defense attorney from Ogden Criminal Defense. We are well experienced in representing criminal clients as we have dealt with hundreds of criminal cases and we will do everything possible to make sure you get the best outcome available. Call or email us today to find out more and to get all your questions answered.


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