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The home has long been regarded a special place in the eyes of the law.  There many actions and behaviors that take place in one’s dwelling that could not occur anywhere else.  For example, a homicide that takes place in the home is easier to show the death occurred as a result of self-defense and not by premeditated murder.  Because the home is a special place, there are special laws to address violent crimes that happen in a dwelling place between co-occupants.  The law refers to these types of crime as domestic violence.  Anyone who is facing these criminal charges should immediately contact an Ogden domestic violence lawyer.

Domestic Violence Charges in Utah

Domestic violence charges are a special type of criminal charge that seek to address the problems of violence in the home.  Violence in the home is a considered to be of a very serious nature and as such, the Utah state legislature passed domestic violence laws limiting courts from exercising certain discretionary powers they can use when looking at other crimes.  With Utah courts being limited in the way they can handle domestic violence cases, harsher penalties can result in a conviction.  This is all the more reason it is important for people to have an Ogden domestic violence lawyer on their side.

Domestic violence occurs when one person commits or attempts to commit a violent crime against another person living (or has lived) in the same dwelling, a person related by blood, a person related by marriage, or those sharing other familial relationships.  Domestic violence usually occurs between individuals romantically involved with each other but could happen between roommates as well.  Domestic violence is an enhanceable criminal charge; this means that if someone faces a subsequent charge, the penalties of another conviction are increased.  A person facing a domestic violence charge cannot afford to be without an Ogden domestic violence lawyer.

Domestic Violence Consultation

If you have been charged with domestic violence in the Ogden area, don’t take the chance of being hit with harsh penalties because you fought your charge without an attorney.  Contact an Ogden domestic violence lawyer from our firm.  One of our experienced attorneys will ensure your criminal rights are protected and fight hard to resolve your case without you having to serve any jail time.  Contact an Ogden domestic violence lawyer today by calling 801.823.1200 for a free consultation.

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