Ogden Drug Crimes Lawyer

Defending Against Drug Offenses

Since the beginning of the “war on drugs” those accused of drug related offenses have faced more and more severe charges. Politically and as a society, Utah is committed to fighting drug use and as a result prosecutors are aggressive in their prosecution of offenders. Regardless of the offense, drug crimes carry a negative stigma that can result in missed opportunity and extra burdens not imposed on other crimes. With this and other serious criminal penalties at stake a person accused of a drug crime needs to hire competent legal help.

Finding Competent Criminal Defense

There are multiple drug charges in Utah and most of them have different enhancement factors, making navigation of this area of law difficult and convoluted. Without legal counsel it is very likely that an accused individual will not receive the best outcome available at court. Our attorneys are driven to protect the personal freedoms of their clients, and making sure that the government stays within the bounds it has set. One of these freedoms is freedom from unlawful search and seizure. This can be an important area of dispute in drug related charges because unlawful practices by law enforcement officials can negate the evidence gather and leave the prosecution without proof.

Northern Utah Drug Crime Lawyer

Not only do our attorney understand the ins and outs of Utah drug laws, but they also have the necessary skills to argue your case in court and obtain deals through the prosecuting attorney; making us perfectly equipped to handle your criminal law needs. Some of the specific areas we handle include:

Along with these areas of law, our advocates handle all aspects of drug crimes. If you are unsure whether or not we can handle your case the question is that we most likely can. We offer free consultations and can answer any questions you have and help you make an informed decision about your legal defense. Call 801.823.1200 or email us today to set up an appointment.

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