Ogden Criminal Defense LawyerOgden Criminal Defense Lawyer

Utah criminal charges of any kind can result in serious consequences so speak to an Ogden criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Even first time misdemeanors can result in months of jail time and thousands of dollars in fines.  You cannot risk your liberty and your financial well being to just any legal advocate. Our Utah criminal attorneys are Ogden’s legal elite for you know matter what the crime. Since we offer free consultations by phone, there really is no reason not to speak with an Ogden criminal defense lawyer in our office right away. We can usually tell you right over the phone what we think about your case and the defense which may apply. So if you are facing a DUI, marijuana, domestic violence, retail theft, fraud, assault, or any other criminal charge, give us a call today.

Utah Felony Defense

Felony charges carry with them the threat of prison time. Even drug crimes such as possession or distribution of marijuana, heroin, meth, or cocaine can cause an aggressive prosecutor to seek maximum prison sentences. Violent crimes and sex crimes can have additional consequences including a loss of gun privileges or having to register as a sex offender.  If you are facing felony charges in Utah, protect yourself. Our criminal attorneys’ top priority is to protect your rights.  From our initial consultation with you, through compiling the evidence, and all the way through trial, we make decisions based on our primary goal of protecting your constitutional rights.

DUI Attorneys in Ogden

Our DUI attorneys in Ogden pride themselves on providing unique and personalized services for each of our clients.  No case is the same and no client’s situation is the same no matter how many times we see similar charges.  One client’s DUI is likely to be completely different than another’s.  For that reason we know how important it is to you to have steady communication with your lawyer.  We are here to give you confidence and relief as we move forward in defending you.

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You can contact an Ogden criminal defense lawyer  in our office in any number of ways including by telephone, email, and instant message. We want to be available for you because we know that the charges you are facing are distressing and the sooner you hire us as your defense attorneys the sooner you will have the assurance that you have an advocate is will represent your interests and protect your rights.

Have a court date scheduled in a Weber County? Call us at 801.823.1200 to speak to an Ogden criminal defense attorney. We can provide you with a free consultation over the phone or in person depending on your situation and preference. We also offer affordable rates and payment plans so there really is no reason why should not speak with an attorney in our office as soon as possible. We look forward to your call and helping you through these difficult times.

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    Meet Our Team of Professionals

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    Jerry Salcido


    Jerry Salcido is one of the founding partners of the firm. Jerry is an experienced criminal defense attorney focusing on DUI defense, drug charges, serious felony charges, domestic violence, and more.

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    Chris Salcido


    Chris Salcido is an aggressive defense attorney who fights for constitutional protections for those accused crimes such as drunk riving, marijuana charges, assault, domestic violence, retail theft, and more.

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    Benny Salcido

    Associate Attorney

    Benny Salcido is a graduate of the J. Reuben Clark Law School at BYU and has been practicing in criminal defense since graduation. Benny is client goal oriented and knows how to win for those he represents.

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    Todd Peterson

    Associate Attorney

    Todd Peterson has developed a reputation of being able to quickly resolve charges to his client's benefit helping those he represents get out of the criminal court system and on with their lives.