Ogden Assault Defense Attorney

Defending Assault in Utah

Assaults are common throughout the Ogden area and are the most basic of violent crimes.  To many throughout Utah, an assault may bring to mind one person punching, kicking, and otherwise physically injuring another.  Assault can be more than one person inflicting a physical injury upon another person though.  A person can be charged with assault if he or she attempts to inflict injury on another person.  The Utah legislature has defined assault to include threatening to use violence on another person and then making a showing of violence towards that person.  There does not need to be an actual physical confrontation to constitute assault.  Because this area of assault can be murky, it is best to have an Ogden assault defense attorney fight an assault charge.

Different Levels of Assault

As with many other crimes, there are different levels of assault charges one can receive.  There are simple misdemeanor assault charges and more serious felony charges.  The level of an offense depends on different factors that an Ogden assault defense attorney can explain.  If an assault is serious enough, it can be charged as an aggravated assault.  Assault can also be considered domestic violence depending on the relationship between the individuals involved in the altercation.

Self-Defense is Different From Assault

One common way to defend an assault charge in the Ogden area is for someone to claim self-defense.  A person is not guilty of assault if he or she used physical force in defense of himself or herself.  A person can also use force in the defense of others as well.  Our attorneys are experienced and know how to use self-defense to fight an assault charge.

Contact an Assault Attorney

If you have been charged with assault, whether it is because of a fight or if you acted in self-defense, contact an Ogden criminal defense attorney.  Our defense lawyers will use every defense possible to keep you from suffering the harsh penalties of an assault charge.  Contact an assault attorney at 801.823.1200 or through email.  Consultations are free and will give you the peace of mind you need.

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