Drivers License Division Hearing

Northern Utah License Suspension

One of the unique features of a DUI charge is that it not only carries the traditional criminal penalties of fines and confinement but a person can also have their driver’s license suspended after a DUI arrest. While everyone is aware of the punitive effect of being sentenced to jail or ordered to pay a fine most people don’t really think of the negative effects a driver’s license suspension could have on their life. For a lot of people their ability to drive is a part of their livelihood and without a license they could loose their job or the opportunity to go to work or school.

The DLD Hearing

DUI is considered a criminal offenses that is aimed at protecting the public at large by keeping irresponsible drivers off the road. As such, the Driver’s License Division gets involved with every DUI case to make a determination on whether or not they believe the individuals driver’s license should be suspended or not. Upon a DUI arrest a person’s license is automatically suspended pending further review. An individual arrested for DUI has 10 days after their arrest to requires a hearing with the DLD about their license suspension and if they don’t request the hearing then their license will remain suspended until their court case is resolved.

Northern Utah DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Weber, Davis, Morgan or Cache county Utah then time is of the essence and you need an attorney right away to help you do everything possible so you can keep your license. The attorney’s at Ogden Criminal Defense are dedicated to making sure their clients understand the legal process and obtain the best outcome available. We will represent you in your DLD hearing and fight tirelessly to help you keep your driver’s license so you can continue on with your life. We have represented hundreds of DUI clients and we now how to help you in your case, call or email us today to find out more.


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