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Drug Dealer Defense

Under the umbrella of drug crimes, one of the offenses viewed with the most malice is drug distribution. Drug distribution is the offenses geared towards punishing and hopefully stopping drug dealers. Drug dealers are consider by most the bane of our society and whenever someone is looking for a comparison to the lowest of the earth they use drug dealers. Although, eliminating drug dealers may be a good motivation, the result of drug distribution charges are not always as clean cut of a decision. When most people think of a drug dealer, they think of a type of mob boss, running their drug distribution operations with an iron fist and causing much more harm than simply the effects of the drugs. However, because of how the criminal statute has been crafted, distribution charges can be brought against almost anyone involved with drugs in any capacity.

Utah’s Drug Laws

As with most drug crimes, drug distribution offenses increase in severity as the amount of the drug increases. Also if the drug allegedly being distributed is a hard drug, such as cocaine or heroin, then the charges and penalties will be more severe, as opposed to a marijuana distribution charge. One of the most difficult aspects of drug distribution charges, however, is that they seldom come alone. In almost every situation of drug distribution the facts also support charges of drug possession, and possible possession of paraphernalia. Furthermore, with the drug-free zone enhancements now in place these charges could become even more severe.

Defending Possession Charges

Drug charges can be detrimental to a person’s life if not properly defended. If you have been charged with a drug crime than a conviction of drug distribution could mean serious court fines and jail time. Furthermore, having a drug crime conviction on your record could limit your opportunities for employment in the future, as well as negatively affect other aspects of your life. Because of all that is stake for you, you need expert legal help in this difficult time. Call us today to get that help. Our attorney’s understand your needs and can help answer your questions and make informed decisions. Contact us today by calling  801.823.1200 to set up a free consultation and find out about what we can do for you.

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