Ogden Solicitation of a Prostitute Attorney

As it is often said prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, and along with that it could possibly said that it is the world’s oldest criminal offense. However, there are two sides to the criminality of prostitution, being the prostitute and soliciting or using the services and paying the prostitute. In Utah the latter offense is titled sexual solicitation and is a class B misdemeanor. However, sexual solicitation is an enhanceable offense meaning that if a person is charged a second time with sexual solicitation it is elevated to a class A misdemeanor. Along with sexual solicitation there is also a criminal offense in Utah called patronizing a prostitute which makes it a Class B misdemeanor to agree or pay for sex or enter a house of prostitution. There is clearly a little overlap between the two offenses so you may be charged with one when you think you could have been charged with the other.

Utah’s Sexual Solicitation Law

As with a lot of sex crime statutes in Utah the sexual solicitation statute is full of vague and over broad statements to try and capture all the conduct that the legislature finds unappealing. For example, the statute doesn’t simply just encompass paying someone for sexual intercourse but also covers paying someone to touch themselves for you, undress for you, or perform any act of lewdness for you. Furthermore an intent to pay for the conduct is inferred from participating or engaging in the conduct. So even though the defendant may think their case is in a gray area that isn’t specifically enumerated in the statute they need to realize that the statute is very broad and could include more conduct then they assume.

Northern Utah Solicitation of a Prostitute Attorney | Ogden Sex Crimes Defense

If you have been charged with soliciting a prostitute or some other sex crime in Northern Utah then you should call the attorney’s at Ogden Criminal Defense right away. Our lawyers have represented hundreds of sex crime defendants and know how difficult it is to be facing charges like sexual solicitation and the societal condemnation that comes even without a conviction. We will help you defend yourself and clear your name as much as possible as we strive to help you make informed decisions about your defense and your future.

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