Ogden Protective Order Lawyer

Defending Against POs in Ogden

Protective orders are becoming more and more common for individuals to file against others.  Usually protective orders are issued because there has been abuse or domestic violence issues between spouses and other family members.  Unfortunately, many people use protective orders to retaliate against a spouse during a divorce proceeding or to otherwise make life difficult for the other person.  A person who has a valid protective order against him or her faces legal consequences that can affect employment situations, family issues, and other important details of one’s life.  Because the consequences of a protective order are damaging, it is best to have an Ogden protective order lawyer fight to remove the order.

Ogden Ex Parte Orders

An ex parte protective order is an order given by the court without giving any notice to the affected party.  Ex parte orders are also temporary until a full hearing can be heard involving all parties.  Ex parte orders are relatively easy to obtain by an Ogden area court but any order entered can be disputed.  It is best for anyone facing an ex parte protective order to have an Ogden protective order lawyer fight the order since a protective order lawyer knows the law and how to best argue an order should not continue.

Violation of a Protective Order

Any Ogden area resident who violates a protective order faces immediate arrest by an Ogden area police officer.  There does not need to be an arrest warrant for the officer to arrest the violator.  There only needs to be a valid order on file and probable cause for the officer to arrest a violator.  Violation of a protective order is also an enhanceable offense.  This means that a person charged with multiple violations of a protective order faces harsher penalties for each subsequent conviction.   The ability for a court to levy harsher penalties upon each violation shows the need for an Ogden protective order lawyer to protect the violator from a conviction.

Don’t Fight an Order Yourself

If you are facing a protective order or violation of a protective order, don’t fight them without an experienced advocate on your side.  Contact one of our Ogden criminal defense attorneys. We’ll work hard to ensure an ex parte order does not become a long term protective order.  Call 801.823.1200 for your free consultation  with an Ogden criminal defense attorney today.

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