Aggravated Murder Charge in Utah

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There are varying degrees of homicide in Utah.  The type of homicide that carries the greatest penalty is aggravated murder.  It may seem strange to some that aggravated murder is somehow different than just murder but the state legislature allowed for greater punishment because the circumstances in which the murder took place.  Aggravated murder carries the most severe punishment the law of Utah can inflict upon a person: the death penalty.  Many people will plead to a lesser charge of homicide so they can avoid the death penalty but even if the death penalty is averted, long prison sentences are imposed upon convicts.  To avoid long prison sentences and the death penalty, it is important for any person facing aggravated murder charged to immediately contact an Ogden aggravated murder lawyer.

Circumstances Arising to Aggravated Murder

Whenever a homicide takes place under certain and specific circumstances, an Ogden area prosecutor can charge an individual with aggravated murder.  The circumstances, however, are many that are considered aggravating circumstances.  A homicide is considered aggravated murder whenever a person intentionally or knowingly causes the death of another when the death occurred during a criminal act that involves another violent crime, sex crime, or kidnapping.  An aggravated murder charge can also be levied against people who have already been convicted of a serious violent or sex crime.  Other considerations when determining if a homicide is an aggravated murder includes the age of the victim, the place the homicide took place, and the weapon used to kill the individual.  The aggravate murder statute is long and incorporates many different types of circumstances.  An Ogden aggravated murder lawyer knows the law though and can help those charged with aggravated murder to understand the charges they are facing.

Don’t Fight Aggravated Murder Charges Alone

Because one possibly faces the death penalty if convicted of aggravated murder, it is important for anyone living in the Ogden area to hire one of our Ogden aggravated murder lawyers.  If a case does go to trial one of our Ogden criminal defense lawyers is ready and prepared to be an effective advocate in the courtroom for you.  Contact us today by calling 801.823.1200.  Consultations are free and will help you determine the best course of action for your case.

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