Other Crimes

No matter how long the list of crimes we write down, there is likely always going to be some left off the list. The Utah criminal code is very lengthy and after looking through a couple of pages most people would start to think that everything is somehow a violation of the law in some way or another. While most crimes fit into certain categories of violent in nature, related to sex, theft crimes, or something else there are a few crimes that seem to be in a category of their or and others that seem to be a catch all for almost any type of activity.

List of Other Crimes

In Utah there are two crimes that are used in a lot of different situations that seem to be roughly defined as catch alls for almost any type of bad behavior; disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. Even the names themselves are pretty vague and seem to simply suggest bad boy behavior. The other crime that doesn’t always fit into a specific category is arson, which is the offense of intentionally lighting a building on fire. To find out more about these crimes follow the links below:

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