Bountiful Arson Attorney

Arson is a fairly well known crime because its result are often catastrophic and stories of arson or large building fires are prime nightly news material.  In Utah arson is defined under the criminal code as unlawfully using fire or explosives to damage someone else’s property or any property with the intention of defrauding an insurer. If the fire was started in an attempt to defraud insurance then it is a second degree felony. Also if someone who was not part of committing the crime was seriously injured then it also a second degree felony, otherwise the level of offense is based on the value of property damage.

Aggravated Arson in Northern Utah

Along with Arson the Utah legislature has also created a more serious crime entitled aggravated arson. Aggravated arson occurs in two circumstances when the building set on fire is a habitable structure, such as a home; and when there is someone in the car or building that is set on fire. The interesting thing about aggravated arson is that it doesn’t require that anyone be injured or killed in the fire, but it is clearly aimed at protecting individuals by how it is written. Aggravated arson is a very serious crime and is charged as a first degree felony.

Facing Arson Charges in Northern Utah | Ogden Criminal Defense Attorney

As outlined above arson is a very serious crime and aggravated arson is even more serious so if you are facing either of these charges then you need the help of a criminal defense attorney right away. Aggravated arson is treated as a violent crime and is therefore prosecuted very heavily and without the proper legal defense you could be facing very serious penalties. The attorneys at Ogden Criminal Defense can help you understand the possible outcomes in your case and help you make informed decisions to protect your future, so call us today.



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