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Spanking a child is not usually considered to be a serious violent crime but it unfortunately can be interpreted that way by Utah law.  A parent may believe he or she is disciplining a child, but an Ogden area prosecutor may think a violent crime is being committed.  Because child abuse is a serious crime with serious consequences, it is important for one charged with it to be protected by an Ogden child abuse attorney.

Child Abuse Charges in Ogden

Disciplinary actions against children that involve physical punishment walk a fine with being considered abuse.  If someone causes a physical injury to a child in his custody or control, or allows someone else to cause physical injury to a child, that individual may be charged and convicted of child abuse in Utah.  When an injury to a child is serious then a criminal defendant faces serious consequences.  Child abuse charges in Ogden can result in a felony conviction and a serious prison sentence.

Utah law extends child abuse law even farther than what is typically considered to be child abuse.  Child abuse charges can extend to those who commit domestic violence in the presence of a child.  No physical injury or even physical contact has to occur for child abuse charges to be levied against an individual.  If a person gets into an altercation with another person living in the home or apartment, and there is a child present in the dwelling, an Ogden area prosecutor may charge the individual with child abuse.

Free Consultation with an Ogden Attorney

Child abuse charges have long lasting and serious consequences.  With so much to lose, people in Utah should never try to fight an abuse charge on their own.  They should contact an Ogden child abuse attorney.  One of our lawyers will fight hard to protect you from inquisitive police and intimidating prosecutors.  Call 801.823.1200 for a free consultation with an Ogden child abuse attorney today.

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