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We were all kids once and as we know kids make stupid mistakes, luckily the juvenile court system is set up so that those mistakes are not treated as normal criminal actions and will not stick with the minor for the rest of their lives. In Utah the juvenile system is set up to protect the identity of the juvenile and help keep them from committing subsequent offenses by penalizing them. While the juvenile system isn’t supposed to be as hard handed as the criminal system it still imposes very difficult penalties that minors are not quick to enjoy. In fact, juvenile judges are allowed to require more reporting from minors to try and keep them from re-offending.

Common Juvenile Crimes in Utah

The most common juvenile offenses in Utah involve drugs and alcohol. In Utah the legislature has passed laws that make it a criminal offense for a juvenile to have any amount of alcohol in their system at all. This is known as Utah’s not a drop law, meaning minors are not allowed to have even a drop of alcohol, this is also often referred to as unlawful consumption. Along with alcohol offenses, like the one just described, driving under the influence, and marijuana possession the other most common crimes committed by juveniles are theft crimes. For more information on juvenile specific crimes click on the following links:

Ogden Juvenile Defense Attorney | Helping your Son or Daughter in their Juvenile Case

If your child has made one of those youthful stupid mistakes then help them make sure that their future is still protected and that they don’t have to face penalties beyond what is required to help them not commit future offenses. The lawyers at Ogden Criminal Defense can help you protect your child’s rights in their juvenile case and can also answer all your questions about the possible outcomes your child may be facing. Call or email us today to see how we can help you and your child.

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