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Most sex crimes are aimed at sexual encounters that are forced or coerced and a term that is often used with sex crimes is abuse or molestation. However, there are a number of sex crimes that don’t involve any abuse or coercion at all and in fact concerns consenting adults, that class of sex crimes is prostitution. Both parties to prostitution can be charged criminally, on the patrons side the charges will be patronizing a prostitute or sexual solicitation and on the prostitutes side the offense is simply prostitution. Furthermore, a third party may be charged with exploiting prostitution, if they are forcing an individual into committing the prostitution offense.

Utah Prostitution Law | Offense Elements

There are three ways a person can be convicted of prostitution, which are the following: 1) engage in sexual conduct with another for a fee; 2) work in a house of prostitution; or 3) loiter in any public place for the purpose of being hired for prostitution. While this is a simple list of ways to commit the offense it still includes a large range of conduct. Notice that the first way a person may be found guilty of prostitution uses the language sexual conduct which may be interpreted very broadly and involves more than simply sexual intercourse. If an individual is convicted of prostitution they will be facing a class B misdemeanor unless it is not their first offense in which case they will be charged with a class A misdemeanor for every prostitution offense after the first one.

Ogden Criminal Defense Attorney | Prostitution Defense

If you have been charged with prostitution you need to realize that while this is a very serious offense, with the help of an attorney you may be able to get a plea deal that would dismiss the charge following a period of probation. If your charges have been filed in a Northern Utah court then call Ogden Criminal Defense today to find out more about how we can help you defend yourself against this charges and protect your future.


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