Logan Workmans Comp Fraud Attorney

In general workers compensation insurance, or workman’s comp as it is often referred to, is a type of insurance that provides medical benefits and wage replacement to employees injured in the course of employment. To receive this insurance employees usually must relinquish their right to sue their employer for their personal injuries. While there are may options for workers copmensation insurance the big provider in Utah this often though of as a state agency even though it is not is the Workers Compensation Fund.The Workers Compensation Fund, or WCF, is a non profit mutual insurance company. It was originally set up as a state agency but it has since been transitioned into a private organization. However, even though it is no longer a state agency it is still required by the state to be the insurer of last resort. Meaning that WCF is required to insure Utah businesses that cannot purchase workers compensation insurance in a regular competitive market. As a result of this WCF does get some tax breaks and has received special protection from fraud by the legislature along with other workers compensation insurance carriers.

Utah’s Workers Compensation Insurance Fraud Statute

To commit the crime of workers compensation insurance fraud a person is basically only required to lie in relation to workers compensation insurance. The Utah statute is obviously much more in depth than that but the gist is you can’t provide false information or misrepresentation or omissions to obtain coverage, to avoid paying premiums, or to keep an employee from getting coverage.

Ogden Workers Compensation Insurance Fraud Lawyer

At Ogden Criminal Defense we help individuals defend themselves against criminal charges of worker’s compensation fraud or workman’s comp fraud. We work in all Northern Utah courts including Weber, Davis, and Cache County courts, and we know how to help you protect yourself. Not every case is a clear cut scenario of one person trying to get something for nothing and defraud the insurance company and we understand that, that’s why we work so hard to help you in your defense.

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