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In Utah as in other states a person has to be 21 years of age to legally drink alcohol, for those who don’t abide by this law, they will be facing charges of unlawful consumption. Along with consumption, the Utah legislature has made it illegal to purchase or possess alcohol in any quantity. This statute is also known as Utah’s not a drop law because it makes it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to consume, purchase, or possess even one drop of alcohol. One of the ways in which minors often get cited for unlawful consumption is if they are pulled over, whether driving or not, and they have been drinking. Officers will often have the minors take a a breath test and if they blow anything over .000 then they can be cited with unlawful consumption.

Penalties for Unlawful Purchase, Possession, or Consumption by a Minor

There are two different levels of unlawful purchase, possession, or consumption. The differences lie in the age of the offender, if the individual is over the age of 18 but under 21, then it is a criminal offense; if the individual is under the age of 18 then it is a juvenile offense. The most significant penalty for juvenile offenders of this law is the driver’s license suspension that will likely be a part of the sentence.

Ogden Unlawful Consumption Attorney | Defending Against Juvenile Charges

If you or your child has been charged with unlawful consumption, possession, or purchase of alcohol, possibly along with a charge for drunk driving, then call Ogden Criminal Defense today to get help. Our attorneys are experienced in criminal defense as well as juvenile defense and can help answer all your questions as well as help you make informed decisions about your future or the future of your son or daughter. Contact us today for more information.

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