Odgen Sex Offender Registry Attorney

The sex offender registry in Utah is established by statute and the Department of Corrections is tasked with making sure there is a registry online that displays the name, address, photo, and other information of individuals who have committed a certain set of sex crimes called registerable offenses. If an individual is convicted of a registerable offense then they are required to file with the Department of Corrections all the required information so they can be placed on the list. The idea behind the sex offender registry list is to protect the public from individuals who have committed very serious crimes in the past and therefore, as the legislature assumes, are more likely to commit the same offenses in the future.

Sex Offender Registry Crimes and Penalties for Violation of Requirement to File

The Utah code sets out a list of a number of offenses that if convicted on require the defendant to file with the sex offender registry. Although this is a fairly lengthy list, it basically covers any crime where sexual conduct is forced upon another, such as rape, or sexual conduct that involves a child. To try and make sure that people who have committed these crimes actually file with the registry the legislature has also composed a statute that makes a failure to file a third degree felony, and a convicted individual will be automatically sentenced to 90 days incarcerated and a year of probation.

Hiring an Attorney For Sex Offender Registry Issues | Northern Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

There are number of reasons a person might need an attorney in regards to the sex offender registry. The first issue would be defending against charges that could possibly put you on the sex offender registry, it is important that you have an attorney who knows what the registerable offenses are and how defend against such convictions so you can try and make sure you don’t get put on the registry. The next issue you might need an attorney for is fighting against charges of failing to register, this is a serious offense and you need a good defense counselor to help you defend yourself. Finally, one of the most common requests in regards to the sex offender registry is how to get off. Its not a very thing to accomplish but call Ogden Criminal Defense today and tell us your circumstances so we can try and help you get an idea of what we could do for you.

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