Layton Check Fraud Lawyer

For some people checks seem to be a thing of the past. With the advances made in internet payments, credit cards, and debit cards most people don’t need checks or even have them. One of the reasons that checks have lost favor is because the security systems in place for checks are much less protective than debit cards. While its possible to get someone’s debit card pin number it is much more difficult then simply forging a signature on a check that will be good enough for a teller or cashier. One of the measures that the Utah legislature has put in place to try and help with these issues is to make fraudulent actions involving checks a crime.

Actions that are Criminal Under Utah’s Check Fraud Statute

The obvious action that is against the law is to steal a person’s check and forge their name to get money or goods, however, check fraud goes much further than that. Even if the bank account is yours and you have the right to sign the checks you could still be found guilty of check fraud if you issue a bad check. The legislature in fact has gone even further than that and made it so a person can be charged with issuing a bad check even if they didn’t know that the check would bounce, if they fail to correct the problem within 14 days. Issuing a bad check could be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on how much money or goods were taken as part of the fraud.

Ogden Check Fraud Attorney | Fighting Issuing a Bad Check Charges

Almost everyone has inadvertently bounced a check before but the criminal offense of issuing a bad check goes beyond just not knowing how much funds you have in your account and focuses more on the fraud associated with the act. If you have been charged with issuing a bad check or check fraud then call the attorneys at Ogden Criminal Defense today, we can help you understand your case and get you the best outcome available.

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