Northern Utah Felony DUI Lawyer

Normally when a person commits the offense of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol they are charged with a class B misdemeanor, however, depending on the circumstances a DUI charge could be charged as a felony. Felony charges are very serious charges that could carry a penalty of over a year in prison as well as fines, not to mention the loss of certain rights like the right to carry a firearm and the right to vote. Furthermore, the title of felon has a very negative stigma in our society and as such it is very important that those individuals facing felony charges take it very seriously and do everything in their power to fight the charges.

Utah Laws on Felony DUI

When determining whether or not a DUI could be charged as a felony instead of a misdemeanor there are two big things to look at, the defendant’s criminal history, and the circumstances surrounding the arrest. One of the ways an individual may be charged with a felony DUI is if they cause serious bodily injury to another person as a proximate result of their drunk driving. Meaning if you get in an accident while driving, your blood alcohol level is over the legal limit, and someone gets seriously injured as a result of the accident then you will be facing a felony DUI. Another way you could be charged with a felony DUI is if you are charged with a third DUI offense in within 10 years.

Ogden Felony DUI Attorney | Get Help if you are Facing Felony DUI Charges

A felony conviction can have a huge impact on a persons life and could make things very difficult for the accused, that’s why if you are facing a felony DUI charge you need to get help defending yourself by calling Ogden Criminal Defense. We can answer all your questions over the phone and if you hire us we’ll do everything possible to make sure your rights are defended.

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