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Utah Vehicle Alcohol Detectors

The crime of driving without interlock is in the family of DUI charges under the criminal code of the state of Utah. When a court is considering a DUI case one of the penalties available to them is to require the convicted individual to install an interlock device on their vehicle. An interlock device restricts a driver from starting a vehicle before the proof through a breathalyzer test, attached to the device, that they have not been consuming alcohol. The cost of such device can be thousands of dollars between installation and monthly fees and because of that a lot of individuals that are required to get the device do not. Unfortunately the criminal system is uninterested in whether or not you can afford the device and if you are caught driving a vehicle without an interlock then you could possible spend months in jail.

Defending Interlock Charges

If you are facing a charge of driving without interlock then you are familiar with the criminal system to some extent, and hopefully you understand by now the importance of having an attorney. The court is not likely going to go soft on interlock charges because this is now the second time you are appearing before the court, the first being the DUI. With this in mind it is important that you have an attorney to help protect your rights.

Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have questions about your interlock charges then call us today. We can answer your questions with no charge to you by setting up a free consultation. Our attorneys have dealt with hundreds of criminal defense clients and are sympathetic to your problems and will help you recover from these tough times. Call 801.823.1200 or email us to set up an appointment.

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