Weber Investor Fraud Attorney

The power of greed shows its face in the daily news almost weekly and it lives in everyone from the homeless mugging people for change to the highly intelligent business people who develop schemes to get people to invest millions in their fake companies. One of the common words used in relation to these types of crimes is a ponzi scheme, but the name of the crime itself is more properly referred to as investor fraud. Utah ranks among the highest states for investor frauds which some speculate is due to the many start up companies in the region and the religious nature of the communities where people feel they can trust their neighbors.

Utah Investor Fraud Statute and Fighting the Charges

Investor fraud in Utah is loosely defined as convincing other people to invest with the intention of defrauding them. While this is the definition some people may find themselves charged with the crime even though they didn’t actually know that the investment was a scam, they maybe the the investment was good because they had already made money off it, and then started to share it with others to invest in as well. It can be very difficult to prove what a persons intentions were or were not so it is important that you don’t simply try and fight these charges on your own, call Ogden Criminal Defense to see how our attorneys could help you in this battle.

Getting Legal Help | Call a Ogden Criminal Defense Attorney

The best way to protect your rights when facing investor fraud charges is to hire an attorney, and the attorneys at Ogden Criminal Defense can provide you with the help you need. Facing criminal charges can be a very trying time so let us help by giving you an idea of the possible outcomes in your case and helping you make informed decisions while being at your side as we fight to protect your future.

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