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Violation of Utah Stalking Injunction

Much like a protective order is used as a retaliation device between individuals, stalking injunctions are also used by people to make life difficult for someone else, most commonly in the divorce arena.  People who have stalking injunctions against them are affected in many different negative ways, one being limiting the freedom of movement that individual has.  A violation of a stalking injunction will affect a person even more harshly.  Stalking injunctions are serious matters and should not be handled without the expertise of an Ogden stalking lawyer.  An Ogden stalking lawyer knows how to best defend against stalking injunctions and how to defend violations of stalking injunctions.

Stalking injunctions are entered against an individual in two ways: through the criminal courts or the civil courts.  It is harder to receive a criminal stalking injunction than a civil stalking injunction because the burden of proof is greater in criminal courts but they both essentially have the same effect.  They both restrict an individual from contacting another person and violating both types of injunctions are felonies.

Stalking Charges in Ogden

Most people in the Ogden area probably associate stalking with a creepy man following a vulnerable woman all around town and constantly trying to contact her.  While this type of stalking may occur, the vast majority of stalking cases are not like this.  The law defines stalking in a very broad way to include actions that many people may not commonly associate with stalking.  For example, it is possible to be charged with stalking if a person has his friend text message a victim’s friend twice in hopes of communicating with the victim.  Depending on how the victim reacts and the victim’s circumstances, an Ogden area prosecutor could charge the person with stalking.  There are many facts and legal details in most stalking cases so it is important for anyone charged with stalking to hire an Ogden stalking lawyer who knows how to defend against stalking charges.

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