Farmington Minor in Possession Lawyer

With minors there are two major possession charges; the first is the possession, consumption, or purchase of alcohol; and the second is possession of illegal drugs. The most common drug that minors are caught with is marijuana, and even though it is not considered a hard drug it can still carry a very negative stigma with it and it is still considered a drug offenses which can look very bad to future employers. While juveniles are treated differently from adult criminals that doesn’t necessarily mean that they get off easier, especially in the case of drug offenses. Juvenile judges are strongly focused on keeping youth from developing drug addictions so there is often a lot of drug evaluations, classes, and drug tests, that are associated with the sentencing for a juvenile drug crime.

Juvenile Drug Crimes and Loosing Your License

One of the unique aspects of the juvenile system is that one of the penalties often imposed on minors is the suspension or revocation of their driver’s license regardless of whether or not the offense involved an automobile. Juvenile’s that are picked up with some weed for example often have their license suspended or are barred from getting their license if they don’t already have it. This penalty can often be very punitive because it may keep juveniles from taking advantage of opportunities in work or school.

Ogden Juvenile Drug Crimes Attorney | Minor in Possession of Marijuana

If your child is facing drug charges in Ogden, Farmington, Layton, or any other part of Northern Utah then help protect their future by calling the Attorneys at Ogden Criminal Defense today. Our lawyers will help you understand the juvenile process as well as fight tirelessly to defend your son or daughter’ rights. Call or email us today to get answers to your questions and to learn more about what we can do for you.


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