Ogden Cocaine, Meth, Heroin Defense Lawyer

Hard Drug Crimes

Under the drug laws of Utah there are certain drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, which are considered hard drugs. The importance of this classification is that because of the heavier effect these drugs have on a person, a possession charge in regards to a hard drug can result in years in prison. As with other drug possession charges, the severity of the charge depends on how much the person had on them. In this area of law it’s possible that a person could be facing state or federal charges.

Protecting Against Hard Drug Penalties

As the name suggests, hard drug crimes are a bit more serious in nature. With the strong social desires to curb hard drug use, the penalties and the prosecution associated with these crimes are amped up even more. With these things in mind, defending against hard drug charges can be difficult but with the help of an attorney it can at least be manageable. With so much going on in the life of an accused person, an attorney can step in and be their advocate before the court and lessen the stress and uncertainty involved. Furthermore, without the help of an attorney the accused is much more likely to accept a less than ideal plea agreement, or plead guilty to a charge they don’t understand.

Getting the Help You Deserve

Whether you’ve been charged with possessing Heroin, Cocaine, or some other drug; you need the help of an attorney, and the lawyers at Ogden Criminal Defense are here to help. Our attorneys are experienced trial attorneys that know how to make the correct arguments before the court. Their expertise and strong will to protect individual rights makes the perfect place for your needs. With free consultations we can answer all you questions with no charge to you, and help you make educated decisions. Call 801.823.1200 today to set up an appointment, and see what we can do for you.

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