Farmington Credit Card Fraud Attorney

Credit cards are a very handy financial tool that have become increasingly popular in our face paced and online world. Every day cash seems to become more and more a thing of the past. With the easy buying power that credit cards allow, and the relative anonymity of the user the Utah legislature has passed a number of laws to help protect credit card holders, credit card companies, and retailers from those attempting to defraud the system. It’s important to realize that these statutes in Utah criminalize behavior that is special to credit cards, and its not simply making stealing a credit card illegal like stealing cash is illegal.

Utah Credit Card Crimes

There are three main crimes associated with credit cards which involve three different actions with a credit card. The first crime is associated with the use of the card, if a personally unlawfully uses a card meaning the transaction is fraudulent in some way then they have committed a crime. The second is obtaining a card through fraudulent means, such as lying on the credit card application. The third offense is for using credit card information to obtain funds from the credit card company when nothing was purchased or when the purchased item was for less.

Ogden Credit Card Fraud Attorney | Defending Against White Collar Crimes

Credit card fraud is a serious crime that could be charged as a felony and so if you’re being charged with credit card fraud in Ogden or other parts of Northern Utah then you should call Ogden Criminal Defense to help you with your defense. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of white collar crime clients and we know the difficulties associated with these types of crimes. Call or email us today to find out more, we can answer all your questions over the phone and give you a clear picture of what your future could hold.

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