Criminal Charges

Criminal charges are very serious, and can obviously have a very detrimental impact on the life of the accused. Not only can a person be fined, imprisoned, or put on probation but the negative impact of a criminal charge extends into the social life of a person. Our society treats those termed as “criminals” differently, and being branded as such can be very harmful and depressing for an individual.

At Ogden Criminal Defense we treat all of our clients fairly and equally, and we are sensitive to the stress and fear you are going through. As your attorney we can represent you before the court in any of the following cases:

If you are facing criminal charges then don’t hesitate to call our criminal defense lawyers. There is too much at stake for you and your loved ones to leave your defense up to chance. We offer free consultations, and can help you understand your options with no cost to you. Call or email us today to find our more, or to set up an appointment. 801.823.1200

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