Logan Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

When people talk about an overbearing state imposing its will on its citizens they are most likely talking about criminal statues like disorderly conduct. Why disorderly conduct is so overbearing is because there are so many subjective determinations in the statute that it acts as a weapon for law enforcement to use to punish people for not doing everything they want them to, whether or not they were justified in their requests. For example who is determining order, and who is to determine when a person is out of order.

Actions that Constitute Disorderly Conduct in Utah

Disorderly is one of those statutes that seem to have been created at the end of a legislative session when the legislature was tired of making new states and just lumped a bunch of offenses into one and called it good. Under disorderly conduct there are a number of different actions that are criminalized, such as: refusing to comply with an order from police, intending to cause public annoyance through fighting, excessive noise, obstructing traffic, and more. Disorderly conduct is a class C misdemeanor if the offense continues after a request to stop.

Ogden Criminal Defense Attorney | Fighting Disorderly Conduct Charges

The attorneys at Ogden Criminal Defense have defended hundreds of disorderly conduct charges and we enjoy making sure the government over step its already very broad bounds. If you have been charged with disorderly conduct in Weber, Davis, Cache, or Box Elder County then call Ogden Criminal Defense today we will work hard to keep the government in its place and protect you from overly aggressive and vindictive cops. We understand the stresses and difficulties that come with criminal charges and we can help ease your mind to the possible outcomes you could be facing. Call or email us today to find out more about how we could help you.

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