Weber County Criminal Defense Lawyer | Ogden DUI Attorneys

A Weber County Criminal Defense Lawyer in our Ogden office can help you resolve your criminal charges and keep you protected in a system that may be prejudiced against you. The Ogden and Northern Utah area continues to grow and many people living in this beautiful place find themselves facing charges of all sorts from domestic violence or assault, to marijuana possession or DUI. Whatever your case may be, we can help. We understand how the courts work in the Weber area and know what it takes to get you out of a bad situation in the best way possible. Over recent years, drug charges in Weber County have increased especially with the number of new synthetic drugs such as spice and bath salts showing up in smoke shops all over Ogden, Layton, Centerville, Roy, and other areas.

Ogden DUI Attorneys

We represent many clients each year from Ogden and surrounding areas in DUIs. Ogden City Police are known for making many DUI arrests each month and are constantly on the prowl for suspected drunk drivers. Don’t take any chances by going to court alone. If you were charged with a DUI in Weber County, call us as soon as you can. Following a DUI arrest, you have a limited number of days to request a hearing with the Driver License Division or your license may be automatically suspended for a long period of time. We appear on your behalf both in court and at the license hearing.

Criminal Charges in Weber County

If you are charged with a lower level misdemeanor offense, you will likely find yourself in one of the many Justice Court in the county. If you are charged with higher misdemeanor or felony offense, you will be charged in District Court. We represent individuals charged in all types of crimes and have experience in both the justice court and district courts, and also the juvenile court. So no matter your particular situation, we are likely the firm for you. Contact a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney today.

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