Texting and Driving Charges in Ogden Utah | Automobile Homicide

Not too long ago the Utah State Legislature, like many other state legislatures around the country, made texting and driving a crime. But our law makers didn’t stop there. The law was recently changed so that doing anything on a cell phone is illegal except talking or using GPS navigation. The law use to be such that if you were not actually texting, but rather just simply reading a text or email, you could not be prosecuted. Texting and driving is generally a Class C Misdemeanor. However, if you cause injury or harm as a result of texting and driving, you can be charged with a higher offense of a Class B Misdemeanor or in some cases possibly even a felony. As a result, Utah’s new law has been called one of the toughest in the country. If you are charged with texting and driving or a distracted driving charge in Utah, you should call our law office and speak with an Ogden Criminal Defense Attorney before waiting too long.

Talking on the Cell Phone While Driving

Other states like California make it a crime to speak on your mobile unless you are using a Bluetooth or other hands free device. Many new vehicles are equipped with built in Bluetooth technology so you can link your cell phone with your car speaker system. It seems more and more states are addressing the issues of cell phones and driving and make laws to prevent distracted driving by talking or texting. For now, Utah does not impose the same cell phone talking restrictions but many believe that is the next step here in the beehive state, as accident resulting from distracted driving seem to continue to increase.

Automobile Homicide

Recently, a man from central Utah was charged with automobile homicide after he hit a teenager crossing the road. The man is accused of texting and driving at the time he struck the minor. There are very unfortunate circumstances and we caution everyone to be careful while driving. Most all of us are probably guilty in one respect or another of being distracted while we are driving. If you or someone you know find yourself in a situation where you are facing a texting and driving charge, or maybe even something more serious like automobile homicide. We can help. We have defended numerous cases involving these types of charges and understand what is on the line for you.

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