Suppressing Evidence in Utah DUI Cases

In Utah DUI cases are prosecuted very heavily, in fact Utah is one of the worst states to be charged with a DUI because there is such little leeway for defendants. Two scenarios where DUIs are especially difficult to fight are when the charged individual has a high BAC or when its a second DUI. In Utah a second DUI means a mandatory 10 days in jail or 240 hours of community service. However, some prosecutors will not allow for the 240 hours of community service option so the defendants in those cases will have to serve the 10 days of jail. Furthermore, some prosecutors will refuse to make a deal with defense attorneys even on a first DUI if the BAC is over a certain level, that level is different depending which prosecuting officer your case is with.

Fighting Tough DUI Cases in Utah

Even though these types of DUI cases are tough to fight in Utah, with the help of an attorney from Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer you can still find a way to win these cases. One of the ways to fight tough cases like this is to try and get the evidence obtained by police suppressed because of violations of the constitution. If the police didn’t follow the right procedure or somehow violated your rights when you were pulled over and arrested for DUI then there may be a chance that the lawyers here at Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer could get the evidence in your case suppressed and the case dismissed. While this chance is sometimes small and very unlikely to be successful it may be the best option in some DUI cases and at Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer we do our best to give you every option at a successful outcome.

Call Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer for Your Ogden Criminal Defense

A DUI is a very common yet very serious offense in Utah, and if you are facing a DUI charge in Layton, Kaysville, Brigham City, or Logan then call the experts at Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer to help you get the best outcome available.


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