Robertson: War on Drugs has Failed

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson says that marijuana should be legalized much like alcohol because the governments war on drugs has failed. There have been multiple arguments very similar to the one Robertson puts forth but the general idea is that the results of trying to stop marijuana use, and the alleged damages that are being quelled are simply not worth the enormous cost. The argument to the contrary seems to lie too heavily on the idea that marijuana is a gateway drug and if it is not stopped it will lead to harder drugs and harder crimes.

Utah’s Marijuana Laws

One of the main concerns of Robertson and others is not only that we are spending money on the enforcement and prosecution of marijuana crimes but that we are jailing people based on marijuana possession. It is argued that the criminalization of marijuana makes more criminals than it stops because something that is considered a minor offense in society is treated as a major offense by our judicial system. Thus we get common people that do not have the harden disposition of a criminal being imprisoned and introduced into a world of repeat offenders. In Utah, marijuana crimes can range from a class B misdemeanor possession charge to a felony for distribution or possession of a larger amount.

Ogden Criminal Defense Attorney | Marijuana

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