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Over the past year, law enforcement officials have really been cracking down on spice and bath salts in the Ogden area. Police officers have been busting smoke shops, giving possession citations to individual users, and even citing people for DUI when they are under the influence of spice and driving. The state legislature over the past 2 years have passed significant laws regarding this new synthetic drug and are continually adding to the illegal substance list in Utah. Moreover, local Ogden city ordinances have made many of the spice and bath salt products illegal as well. Today, if you are purchasing spice, bath salts, potpourri, or any similar type of product from a smoke shop, chances are it is illegal. If you are a smoke shop owner and you are selling spice related products, you may be breaking the law without even knowing it. If you have had your product tested, it may still be illegal under the analog terms of the state drug list. Whether you are a seller, buyer, or distributer of spice, you should contact our law firm to get the proper legal advice on the legality of your product. Don’t take any chances; speak with an Ogden spice attorney at our firm now.

Utah Drug Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a synthetic marijuana crime, you should contact us and set up a meeting with one of our Utah drug defense lawyers rights away. Spice is new and the law in this area is just developing. When searching for representation you need to make sure your lawyer understands the latest changes in the law in this industry and has represented individuals in all types of spice related charges. As mentioned above, the analog and homolog terms of the controlled substance list in Utah often catches people who believe they were using or selling legal products. Even if your spice product may not be a specifically listed controlled substance, it may be analogous, meaning very similar and therefore illegal. Be careful, law enforcement officials have been aggressively pursuing these cases in Ogden and surrounding areas in Northern Utah. To get answers to your questions now and to get an attorney in Ogden on your defense now, call 801.823.1200.

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