Ogden Shooting Suspect Held on $105k Bail

The man being accused of shooting his father-in-law in an Ogden church last week is currently being held on $105,000 cash-only bail. Charles Jennings, is being charged with attempted murder, aggravated robbery, and aggravated burglary, for a criminal episode that allegedly included Jennings walking into an Ogden church and shooting his father-in-law in the head. His father-in-law has miraculously survived the shooting, thus resulting in the attempted murder charge and not a murder charge. Jennings was to have a bail hearing yesterday but his defense attorney asked for more time to review the evidence and then present his arguments as to what bail should be, the state of course will be asking for no bail meaning no opportunity for Jennings to get out of jail until the case is settled.

Ogden Bail Hearings

In Utah, bail hearings are held to determine whether or not a defendant that is in custody should be released of their own recognizance or if a bail should be required, and if so whether i be cash only or bondable. A bail is a fee that a detained individual must pay to get out of custody, and then once the case is resolved, regardless of the result, the bail is returned. This acts as an incentive to make sure that the defendant appears in court and resolves the case because they now have money riding on it so to speak. If the bail is cash only then you cannot have a bondsman pay your portion after you pay them a percentage you must pay the whole thing yourself which can be very difficult for most people. In most situations if the bail is bondable then the defendant can pay the bondsmen 10% of the bond and the bondsman will pay the court so the defendant can get out of jail. Then when the case is settled the bondsman gets his money back but the defendant does not, that money is what the bondman gets as a fee for his services.

Ogden Criminal Defense Attorney | Fighting for Your Rights at a Bail Hearing

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime and is currently in custody awaiting a bail hearing then its important that you call Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer right away. We can help you argue for a lower bail or that the defendant be released on his own recognizance. With the help of the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer you can be sure that your rights are being adamantly fought for.

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