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Shoplifting During the Holidays

One of the less known side effects of the holidays is the dramatic increase in shoplifting that occurs from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Years. It’s true, the number of cases involving retail theft increases about 25% throughout the nation and Utah is right there in the same range. This year we have already seen a dramatic increase in the number of cases filed for theft. The high increase of shoplifting charges this year may be in part a
result of the decline in the economy. Consumer spending is down and many families are still feeling the pinch of the recession. As a result some may have felt more inclined to shoplift this holiday season. We understand that times are tough and that people do things they normally would not be inclined to do when it come to supporting their families during the holidays. Sometimes good people make bad choices and we believe they still deserve to be treated fairly. Many clients we have represented in the past few weeks for shoplifting have been charged with their first ever offense. This shouldn’t result in having the book thrown at you by and overzealous court process.

If you have been charged with retail theft, you are not alone. Many individuals both men and women, young and old, are charged with these types of offenses each month. We work hard to protect your rights and ensure you are not taken advantage of in the legal system.

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Don’t take any chances by going through your case alone. Some people believe they can go to court without a lawyer and get their case resolved without any problems. Going through this alone is not a good idea. Anyone charged with retail theft in Utah should have a Utah criminal defense attorney to ensure their case is handled appropriately. Speak with a member of our team today at 801.823.1200.


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