Ogden Inmate Accused of Multiple Bank Robberies | Theft Charges in Utah

An inmate being held in the Weber County Jail is being accused of robbing 2 banks while on leave for a dental appointment. The man was released to go to the dentist but apparently traveled to Wyoming where he allegedly robbed 2 banks. The man is suspected of other prior bank robberies including one in Oklahoma and one in Ogden Utah. While bank robberies may sounds like a thing of the movies only, the reality is that many people each year are charged with bank robbing crimes and other related crimes. In fact, while Utah does not have one of the higher bank robbing incident rates, the fact is that several of these crimes occur in Utah each year. In another recent case, an alleged bank robber would ride his bike up to the teller window and demand money. Not a very quick getaway using this method although bank robbing through the teller window seems to have increased in recent years. We also seem to be seeing more ATM thefts than in recent years. Many individuals attempt to take ATM machine and later break into them.

Theft Charges in Utah

If you or someone you know has been charged with bank robbery or any other type of theft charge in Utah, you should call us as soon as possible to discuss representation. Theft charges are extremely common in Utah especially shoplifting charges. Other theft charges we typically see include theft by deception and theft of services. No matter what type of theft charge you are facing, we can help. You can meet with a lawyer in our office for free and get an opinion from one of our Ogden Utah theft lawyers today. We offer flexible payment options so there really is no reason not to at least speak with a member or our team today.

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