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Experience and an understanding of the courts in Weber County are vital to any good Ogden DUI defense attorney. If you are searching for a Utah drunk driving lawyer, you found the right firm. We represent individuals accused of being intoxicated behind the wheel and have successfully resolved many cases across the state of Utah. The police in the Ogden area are aggressive when it comes to DUIs, alcohol related offenses, and drug charges. In many cases the police over step their legal bounds in the way they conduct a search or in the reasons they give for pulling someone over. Certain highway patrol troopers have been reprimanded recently for violating the civil rights of drivers who were charged with DUI and other offenses. Good representation is paramount to successfully resolving your DUI charges in Utah. We are focused not just on getting your case resolved quickly, but getting a result that is fair and working towards your goals. We understand a lot is on the line for you when you are facing a drunken driving charge, the loss of your license, fines, and even potential jail time. We do not take any case lightly and will work hard on your behalf to ensure the state does not take advantage of you in the process.

Weber County Drunk Driving Lawyer

If you have been charged with a DUI in Weber County, Davis County, or anywhere else in Northern Utah, call us today. We can be reached anytime at 801.823.1200. You can also fill out the contact form on this website. We know you have questions and concerns. We know you are looking for the right Weber County drunk driving lawyer with the right skills to defend you. Our law office has many reviewed posted online. 100% client satisfaction is our goal. One of the common complaints from client about their lawyers is the fact that they can never get a hold of them. Here, we make sure we are accessible to our client, return their phone calls, promptly, and keep them update through emails. For more information and to get us started today on your defense, contact us right away.

Utah DUI Drivers License Laws

You have a limited number of days to get a request for a hearing with the DLD after you have been charged with a DUI. It is absolutely vital you speak with an Ogden Utah DUI Attorney as soon as possible after you have been cited to ensure the notice is sent in a timely and you get the chance for a fair hearing before any action is taken on your driver’s license. Again, call quickly so we can get started right away, get your notice into the drivers license division, and let the court know your serious about the case.

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