North Logan Embezzlement Case

Earlier this week a preliminary hearing was held in the First District Court in Logan for a North Logan woman who is being charged with embezzlement. The woman’s former employer at Rocky Mountain RV testified that the woman had committed embezzlement to the tune of roughly $9,000 by fraudulently collecting factory incentives and buying personal items with company money and on company credit cards such as food and even a carpet cleaner.

Embezzlement: Theft and Forgery

Judge Thomas Willmore, who heard the preliminary hearing, bound over the case for trial after hearing testimony on the matter meaning that he found sufficient evidence to move the case forward. The bar is set very low at preliminary hearings and almost every case is bound over, however, it is a good opportunity for defense counsel to get an idea of what exactly the state’s case looks like. What this means for the North Logan woman is that her case will now move to a Final PTC and then ultimately trial. The embezzlement case that the woman is facing consists of felony theft charges and felony forgery charges.

Logan Embezzlement Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges in Logan or North Logan such as embezzlement or other theft type charges then call Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer today. We can help you understand the charges you are facing and help you defend yourself.

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