Minor in Possession

Illegal Consumption of Alcohol in Ogden Utah

Utah has very stringent laws concerning the sale, purchase, and use of alcoholic beverages by minors, which for purposes of alcohol includes anyone under the age of 21 years.  Specifically, Utah prohibits minors from purchasing alcoholic beverages, attempting to purchase alcohol, soliciting another to obtain alcohol on their behalf, possessing an alcoholic beverage, consuming alcohol, or have any measurable amount of alcohol in the blood.

Additionally, it is against the law for a minor or anyone else to misrepresent the age of the minor in order to obtain alcohol.  Using a fake idea or taking a minor to purchase alcohol can all result in jail time if convicted. If you are facing these charges call our Ogden defense lawyers can help you.

Losing Your Driver’s License

One of the worst consequences of being convicted of possessing, consuming, or purchasing alcohol as a minor is losing your driver’s license.  The first time a minor is convicted of illegal consumption or possession he will lose his license for 1 year.  The first suspension period can be reduced by as much as nine months if the minor takes an educational course.

If a minor is convicted of a second offense he will lose his license for another two years.  Even if a minor is arrested for illegal consumption or possession during the time his license is suspended for a previous illegal consumption or possession conviction and the Department of Public Safety finds out about it, his license can be suspended for another year during the time his case is pending.

Second convictions are especially troublesome because the suspension period can go beyond the time you are 21 years old.  For example, if you get your second conviction when you are 20 years old you will not get your license back until you are 22 years old.

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