Marijuana Drug Charges in Ogden Utah

When facing marijuana drug charges in Ogden Utah, you need to be aware of the applicable Utah drug laws and also understand how the courts function in Weber County. Being represented by an experienced Ogden criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. This article explains some of the typical sentences imposed in the Ogden area for minor marijuana charges and other similar offenses. For more information or for a detailed analysis regarding your particular set of facts, call and speak with a drug defense attorney in our office today.

Marijuana Laws in Utah

Medical Marijuana Licenses from Other States

The marijuana laws in Utah can be tough. Unlike other states such as California, Colorado, and Oregon, Utah does not have medical marijuana licenses. We receive many calls every month from people who are pulled over travelling through Utah and are cited for marijuana possession and paraphernalia. Many of these clients have medical marijuana licenses from other states and believe their out of state license some how saves them from prosecution in Utah. This is not the case. Your medical marijuana license is not effective anywhere except the state it was issues.

Common Penalties for Marijuana Charges

Generally speaking, any amount of marijuana less than an oz is charged as a Class B misdemeanor. Technically a class B misdemeanor can result in 180 days in jail. However, on a first time offense it is more common not to receive jail time in exchange for other probationary terms such as fines, drug testing, etc. This of course is assuming you hire a lawyer to get you the best result possible.

Utah Marijuana Defense Law Firm

At our Utah marijuana defense law firm, you can rest assured you will be represented by aggressive and skilled attorneys who will ensure you are treated fairly in a process that is already stacked against you. We are available to take your calls anytime. Call today at 801.823.1200.

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