Logan Court Sentences Man to Prison for Forcible Sodomy

A former emergency room employee at the Logan Regional Hospital was sentenced to prison earlier this week for sexually assaulting a patient. The victim was brought into the ER by police after he was stopped for a public intoxication offense. Police had handcuffed the man and while officers were filling out paperwork, the ER tech began performing oral sex on the victim until officers came back and caught him. Earlier this year the ER tech pled guilty to a first degree felony charge of forcible sodomy and this week he was sentenced to five years to life in prison.

Sex Crimes in Logan

Sex crimes are some of the more serious offenses in our criminal justice system, along with violent crimes, offenses that involve forced actions of a sexual nature are the most aggressively prosecuted in Utah. Whether the charge is as serious as forcible sodomy like the man was facing in Logan or a smaller offense like lewdness, its important that you protect yourself by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney. Without an attorney by your side you could be facing the aggressive state prosecution by yourself and that can be a scary thing.

Logan Criminal Defense Attorney | Protecting Your Rights

Sex crimes bring along with them a very negative stigma in our society and whether you are guilty of the offense charged or not people will look at you in a different light just based on the mere fact you’ve been charged with a sex crime. With all this negative societal stigma and the possible harsh penalties that could come with a conviction it is of utmost importance that you fight for your rights and you try and defend yourself the best you can, and the best you can defend yourself is by hiring an attorney from Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer. Call or email us today to get your questions and to find out how we can help you in your case.

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