Juvenile Cases and Non-Judicial Resolutions

Juvenile cases are very different from normal adult criminal cases. In juvenile cases the court is much more concerned about the juvenile’s future than in adult cases and because of this the type of plea deals that defense attorneys can work out are very different. At first blow this might seem like a good thing for the juvenile but that’s not necessarily true in every case. Sometimes a juvenile could end up with a type of probation agreement that leaves him constantly reporting to his counselor about what he/she is doing, whereas in adult cases there might not be so much supervision under the same type of case. However, in other circumstances a defense attorney can get the prosecutor to agree to a deal that is much better than anything possible in adult cases.

The Benefits of Non-Judicial Resolution

One of the deals that is much better than most adult criminal case deals is non-judicial resolution. What this means is that the prosecutor agrees to dismiss the charges if the juvenile agrees to work with a probation worker and complete all terms that the probation worker sees fit. Some of the requirements in these types of cases are substance abuse classes, drug testing, paying a fine, community service, and thinking errors classes. One of the biggest benefits of this type of agreement other than the fact that the charges are dismissed in the court is that it preserves the juvenile’s driver’s license, which is usually one of the bigger concerns for the juvenile.

Ogden Juvenile Attorney

If you or your child are facing juvenile charges then you need the help of an attorney to make sure you get the best deal possible. Call the experienced attorneys at Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer for help and we’ll make sure you understand your case and the possible outcomes.

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