Former Ogden Teacher Charged with Sexual Abuse of a Child


Kenneth Prince

Former Ogden teacher, Kenneth Prince, is facing sexual abuse of a child and child exploitation charges in Ogden’s 2nd District Court

Kenneth Prince, a former teacher at the South Ogden Junior High School is facing multiple charges for child porn and aggravated sexual abuse of a child. These are some of the most serious sex crimes a person can face, the child porn charges are second degree felonies and the sexual abuse of a child charges is a first degree felony.

The investigation into Prince started earlier this year when a man came forward and stated that he has been molested by Prince almost 30 years ago, and no other alleged victims are coming forward as well. Prince was a Boy Scout Leader as well as a teacher and after his first arrest he posted bail and then alleged tried to commit suicide, after which he was hospitalized for mercury poising.

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