Domestic Violence Defense Attorney | Ogden | Layton

If you are looking for a domestic violence defense attorney in the Ogden and Layton areas, you found the right place. If you have been charged with DV or assault, you are facing a very tough prosecution and you deserved the best possible defense. We have taken on some of the toughest violent crimes cases and have the experience necessary to see your case through to a successful resolution. We also understand that domestic violence charges are often brought against innocent people. Often the police feel they have to charge someone with DV just to cover their own liability or “just to be safe.” In many cases an individual is charged with domestic violence when their actions do not arise to such a level and neither party involved wanted police intervention. We also know that relationships can sometimes go bad and carry a lot of emotion. We fight cases like this and do everything we can to make sure you are not taken advantage of in a legal system that can be unforgiving.

Domestic Violence Laws in Utah

The domestic violence laws in Utah can be incredibly tough even on first time offenders. A first time offense for domestic violence is generally charged as a class B misdemeanor which carries the potential for quite a bit of jail time. Depending on the facts, some domestic related cases are charged as higher offenses including felonies. In many cases the judge will require you to take a domestic violence or anger management course if you are convicted. Other penalties can include fines and community service just to name a few. There is a lot on the line but we understand that everybody deserves a second chance and we want to help you get you opportunity to move forward.

Utah Assault Lawyers

If you have been charged with domestic violence, we can help. We have represented numerous individuals in Ogden and throughout Utah who have been charged with violent crimes. Call and speak to one of our Utah assault lawyers today, we look forward to your call: 801-823-1200.

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