Davis High School Teacher Charged with Rape of Student

A female Davis High School teacher has been charged with raping one of her male students. The charge is a first degree felony and carries with it the potential for life in prison. The teacher was 34 years old at the time and the student is said to have been 16 and 17 years old during the sexual encounters. The charging documents argued the teacher was in a position of trust and thus the charge was elevated to a first degree felony. The student apparently told police the teacher had sex with him on multiple occasions, at least 3 times. The Davis County Attorney’s office indicated there were further investigations considering whether other victims could be out there. The teacher was placed on administrative leave back in October pending the investigation. The teacher was apparently married and her husband has filed for divorce.

Unlawful Sexual Activity with Minors in Utah

Some have argued a first degree felony charge is much too high a charge in these types of circumstances while others feel it is warranted. Utah law indicates whenever there is unlawful sexual activity involving a minor it can be enhanced through a showing that the adult occupied a position of trust with the minor. Such a position of trust is defined as several potential relationships including that of teacher and student. In the case described above, Davis County is certainly taking a very aggressive approach to the case in the types of charges that were filed. A preliminary hearing will be set in the case to determine if evidence can be presented sufficient to bind the charges over for trial.

Sexual Charges in Ogden Utah

If you have been charged with statutory rape, unlawful sexual activity with a minor, rape, or any other type of sex crime, you should have an aggressive legal defense to ensure your rights are protected in the process. Speaking with an Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer can help get you started on the right foot in the process.

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