Cruelty to Animals Charge in Utah

When people think of what a Cruelty to Animals Charge in Utah may consist of, they most likely think of dog fighting and related activities. However, the truth is the law in Utah can include a number of different scenarios involving outright harm to animals to animal neglect. In the past, the law treated animals as simple property and owners were free to do as they chose with their animals. The idea of animal cruelty and protections for animals giving them a unique status under the law is relatively new. The law seems to be moving in the direction of giving almost stronger protections to animals then our human counter parts. Nonetheless, the law is what it is and in this day and age if you are facing an animal cruelty charge in this state, you better have an attorney to make sure your case and penalties don’t get out of hand.

Dog Fighting

Dog Fighting in Utah carries some very heavy penalties including a possible third degree felony and up to $25,000.00 in fines. A person not directly involved in the dog fighting but who is a spectator may face a class B misdemeanor. If you know who Michael Vick is, you have an idea of how seriously prosecutors and the courts take dog fighting and other serious animal cruelty cases. If you find yourself being charged with a dog fighting crime, do not delay in getting an Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer on your case.

Enhanced Penalties

If you have ever been convicted for an animal cruelty crime in the past, you could be facing enhanced penalties for any subsequent charges. Basically, if you have priors and are charged again, your new charges will be enhanced at least one degree. At our Criminal Defense Law Firm in Ogden, Utah, our team of advocates will go to bat for you against an aggressive prosecution. Call 801-823-1200 to get us started on your defense today.

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