Cache County Salesman Arrested for Theft by Deception

Theft is a common crime individuals are prosecuted for in Utah because its one that not a lot of people get away with. Technology in today’s world helps businesses protect themselves from thefts and a lot of thefts that take place outside of a place of business setting are not very well executed because they are spur of the moment actions or an act of desperation. One such ill conceived theft took place recently in Cache County, when a salesman approached an elderly couple and sold them an air purifier for $1,000 when it usually goes for $400.

Theft by Deception Charges in Utah

When most people think of theft they think of someone getting mugged in the park, but under the Utah code there are many different types of theft, one of which is theft by deception, which is what the salesman above is being charged with. Theft by deception is when one person takes someone else’s property by deception with the intent to deprive them of that property. Clearly if the story about the salesman is true then he has taken the elderly couple’s money, their property, by deceiving them and it appears his intent was to keep that money so he would therefore be guilty of theft by deception.

Cache County Criminal Defense Attorney | Defending your Theft Charges

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